Time is an essential thing in every person well-being. Without time it would be difficult for someone to trace any happenings of events. People would have lived without a sense of direction hence orders would have been broken. Time applies in every aspect of life one undergoes. For best result and profit to be gained workers should be given deadlines to accomplish a task for them to be paid. There are several free time clock software that are created to manage time in different fields. Most of the software are free for a period of time which is referred to trial period. After this period has elapsed then one has to pay for the software at an affordable rate. The software are: clockit, CKZ time clock, Open Time Clock, swiftTime by Soniga, Time Clock Wizard.

  1. Clockit

This is an attendance tracker that is popular in companies for monitoring employees work attendance. The system gives reports inform of graphs and operates by workers log in and out of the work or as a biometric reporting mode which gives specific times and employee has reported to work. The software is free to not more than three users. It also have a mobile version which is very effective because it has free employee time tracking.

  1. CKZ Time clock

The software is best suited for windows and it gives real time of employees monitoring. The software helps organization or companies in managing payroll, attendance, vacation times, those days an employee is sick and pay holidays. These make it not possible for ghost workers to appear in the pay sheet and also those absentees which are not formal. The free software is only open to three employee only. It also has a room for expansion when an upgrade is needed. These software has its pros and cons, its pros are: payroll and time tracking and attendance and overtime tracking. The cons: cannot apply to more than three users.

  • Open Time clock

The software has two main versions. The first version which is like the name suggest is basic version which does not limit the number of users on it. The standard plan has specialized feature like web camera. The basic version is the one that is free and it has time to sign in and out of employees, automatic payroll calculator and also mobile access. The software is a web based system. It comes with: time tracking, and unlimited users.

  1. Swift time by soniga

The time software is most efficient because it has an app that employees can use to request for permission to be off duty. These software also has a time tracker when an employee sign in or off duty. It is easy for employees because they can see their schedules. The system is applicable to only fifteen users and if it goes beyond that then it will be charged.


  1. Time Clock Wizard

The software is a full kit software compared to other time clock software. It is free for unlimited users and employees. It helps a lot companies in timesheets, giving employees their dues depending on the work done and hours spent. To sum up the software has a basic reporting functionality. Visit our blog: Timeclockgenie.com